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Phoebe and DiggerNew! PHOEBE AND DIGGER, a very nice picture book
(for ages 3 and up)
By Tricia Springstubb
Illustrated by Jeff Newman
Candlewick Press

Summary: "When Mama got a new baby, Phoebe Mamma and new baby got a new digger." 

Let Mama and that baby sit on the boring park bench--Phoebe and Digger have important work to do in the sandbox! Until, that is, a big kid decides to snatch Digger, and no matter what she tries, Phoebe can't get her beloved toy back. A big-hearted, reassuring story, "Phoebe" features an urban setting and an endearing, diverse cast of characters.

"Readers will cheer for sloe-eyed Phoebe as she veers from mischievous grin to slow burn and back again, just as they will
covet Digger, the most expressive steam shovel since
Mike Mulligan's Mary Anne."
– Publishers Weekly

"Newman's expressive drawings, done in a loose and economical style, serve the story well. His artwork, from the way he considers perspective to the interesting and emotionally truthful portrayals of the characters, allows readers (and parents!) to identify with this feisty yet sensitive heroine. Nuanced and humorous, this is a worthy addition to the new-sibling shelf." 
– Kirkus

"Springstubb’s text is generously sprinkled with playful rhythms (“Waa!’ said the baby. “RMM!’ said Digger”) and dry, comradely drollery (“Now the baby began to wail, too. This turned out to be a secret baby signal. Soon every baby in the park was crying”)... Phoebe, a caramel-skinned little warrior with her mother’s wide eyes, moves plausibly from aggression to frustration. Girls will appreciate a book that acknowledges their enjoyment of heavy machinery." 
– Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

"Perfect for story hour." 
School Library Journal

Available in hardcover.

A guide to using PHOEBE AND DIGGER in the classroom and library.
Phoebe & Digger Read To Us Story Hour Kit PDF (2.8MB)

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Mo Wren, Lost and FoundMo Wren, Lost and Found
(for ages 8-12)
By Tricia Springstubb
Illustrated by Heather Ross

Summary: Moving away from Fox Street is Handsome the Lizardawful enough. But moving to a place with a curse on it? It's going to take a mysterious Laundromat, a boy who tells whoppers, a freak blizzard, and piles of courage for Mo to find her way home for good.  

"Springstubb beautifully captures the emotions of loss that come with leaving all that’s loved and familiar, as well as the first stirrings of hope when it seems as if things just might work out.... Readers will be both inspired and comforted by these indefatigable sisters, whose humanity brings out the very same in others."
– Booklist,
starred review  

"This sequel turns out to be as cozy as a well-worn sweatshirt, as warm as a laundromat on a winter afternoon, and as comforting as a favorite book one picks up again and again."
– The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"The spunk of the primary characters, the dialogue and the
'home-is-where-you-make-it' underlying message serve up a
plateful of enjoyable story."
  – Kirkus

Editors’ Choice Best Books of the Year, Booklist, 2011

Available in hardcover and e-book.

Mo Wren, Lost and Found HarperCollins Discussion/Project Guide

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What Happened on Fox StreetWhat Happened on Fox Street
(for ages 8-12)
By Tricia Springstubb
Illustrated by Heather Ross

Summary: It's a summer of mysterious Foxpresents, a beautiful fox, a wild little sister and a best friend (maybe). It's the summer life changes forever for Mo Wren and her family.

"What happened on Fox Street? Readers may find their own neighborhoods equally as wondrous after finding out."
– The Horn Book,
starred review

"What happened on Fox Street? Love, belief and caring." 
– Kirkus, starred review

An Indie 2010 Pick

Best Books of the Year: 
Kirkus, The Washington Post, Bank Street School

Nominated for the 
Buckeye Book Award
and the
Arkansas State Library Book Award

Ohioana Award for Children's Literature

Available in hardcover, paper, audio and e-book.

A guide to discussion questions and hands-on activities.
What Happened on Fox Street PDF (1.8MB) HarperCollins Teaching Guide

Podcast of What Happened on Fox StreetClick here to listen to me read about what really happened on Fox Street.